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About us

Welcome to the AGE family and we look forward to an enriching journey ahead together!!
As you embark on this journey with AGE, here is a small background on WHO WE ARE and HOW WE WORK .
AGE (AROMATIC GARDEN ESSENCE) is a dream – a dream to make every woman realize her worth, her strengths, and her capabilities and more importantly to make her believe that she is IMPORTANT!
AGE has been successful in touching many women across India and blossomed their lives with being Self Confident, Independent and a Contributing family member. It has brought a positive change in their lives and that to us is truly incredible!
AGE has weathered many different storms and has always come out stronger and more relevant, which is reflective in our BRAND VALUE today.
AGE is a CHAIN OF CHANGEwhere each one of us is a source of inspiration to everyone – this is Women Empowerment.We are a team of empowered women who are doing magical things and are ultimately making the world a better place.
The strong foundation of our company is laid down by its strong ethics and principles and that is imbibed in every person that is associated with AGE.
AGE was founded by Neha Periwal and co-founded by Bhupesh Periwal. Started as a natural skincare, haircare and body care products manufacturers, AGE is now a trusted brand that has made its presence all over India and abroad with 40+ hot selling products. AGE is one of the youngest and the fastest growing brands in India.
We work on a reseller-model that brings us closer to our dream of empowering women. We join hands with women to make a difference in their lives and to make them realize that they can do wonderful things. We help them come out of their cocoons and lay a foundation for a better tomorrow. We have done it, we are doing it and we will continue to do it as a team, over & over again.
AGE has made many women self-dependent and it’s now the time to cascade the same and make many others confident and independent.
We together as AGE, need to put our best foot forward, lead with self-respect and help drive a cultural change, which would eventually help in enriching lives and would help in building a better and understanding community!!
AGE is not just about AGE’ing, it’s about UPGRADING!! We’re the CHANGE!!

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