How You Can Get a Salon-Like Pedicure at Home with AGE Foot Care Products?

We all want to get beautiful feet and enjoy salon-like pedicure at home. So, AGE has made it possible for you. Just 4 simple steps and you will start loving your feet like you have done a pedicure.

Let me show you how you can do Salon-like Pedicure at Home with AGE Foot Care Products:

STEP 1: AGE Turmeric and Cinnamon Body Wash

Every Good Pedicure Starts with Properly Cleaning Your Feet.

AGE Turmeric and Cinnamon Body Wash can gently remove all the dust and dirt from your feet and make them clean, soft, and refreshed. It contains the perfect balance of herbs and oils, such as Turmeric, Aloe Vera, Almond Oil, Jojoba Oil, and Green Tea. 

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How will you use AGE Turmeric and Cinnamon Body Wash?
Fill half of the bucket with warm water.   
- Put some AGE Turmeric and Cinnamon Body Wash and mix.
- Dip your feet in the bucket for 10 minutes. 

Note: This step will help to loosen and soften the dust particles and dead skin cells on your feet. 

 STEP 2: AGE Body Spa At Home 

It’s time to exfoliate.

AGE Body Spa At Home can help in the gentle exfoliation of the skin while giving it a natural glow. Made of exotic ingredients, like Rose, Almond, Rice, Corn, etc, it can also help in reducing tan. 


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    How to use AGE Body Spa at Home?
    Mix some AGE Body Spa at Home with water and apply it on your feet.
    - Let it sit for 5 minutes.
    - Take some water and remove it by gently massaging in circular motions. Then rinse with plain water.  

      STEP 3: AGE Dry Fruit Body Uptan

      Now that you have removed dead skin cells, it’s time to remove tan and add moisture to your feet.

      AGE Dry Fruit Body Uptan is a luxurious and magical mix that is made with ingredients, such as Almond Powder, Rose, Oats Powder, and Walnut Powder that can moisturise skin while also working on your tan.

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      How to use AGE Dry Fruit Body Uptan?
      - Take some AGE Dry Fruit Body Uptan and mix it with plain water to form a paste.
      - Apply on your feet and leave for 3-5 minutes.
      - Now, take some water and gently scrub in circular motions to remove the
      AGE Dry Fruit Body Uptan.
      - Rinse and pat dry. 

      At this point, you can notice that the rough texture of your skin has disappeared and the skin feels soft to the touch.

      STEP 4:
      AGE Foot Cream

      The last step is to lock moisture in your skin using AGE Foot Cream. 

      AGE Foot Cream can give instant and lasting hydration to the dry and chapped skin of your feet, making them soft and helping them to heal faster. Rich with natural ingredients, such as Grape Seed Oil, Sandal Oil, Olive Oil, Guava Extract, and Rose Water, AGE Foot Cream is also great for relaxing foot massages.

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      How to use AGE Foot Cream?  
      Take some AGE Foot Cream.
      - Apply all over your feet and give yourself a relaxing massage. 

      And DONE

      If you have time, trim your nails and apply AGE Cuticle Oil to strengthen your brittle nails. After finishing the process, you can see that your feet have become beautiful and feel moisturized and soft to the touch. 

      Wasn’t that easy?

      So, when are you planning to give your feet a luxurious salon-like pedicure? 

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