AGE Basic AM-PM Skincare Regime for Mature Skin

How do you know you have Mature Skin? To find out, answer these questions.

Does your skin feel drier during the day and has started feeling thinner?
Is your skin getting duller?
Are the signs of aging appearing faster and have become more visible?
Is your hyperpigmentation getting darker with visible age spots? 

If yes, then you may have Mature Skin. All these are key signs of Aging Skin, which is very common in people above the age of 40. It’s the time when the production of collagen and elastin in the skin slows down. So, if you are witnessing any of these, this means your skin needs intense hydration alongside working on your pigmentation, uneven skin tone, blemishes, etc. You need to take action before it is too late; because for long you have neglected your skin of the care and attention that it needs.

This is where AGE comes to Rescue with AM-PM Skincare Regime for Mature Skin.

This thoughtfully curated Skincare Regime will cater to all the concerns of aging skin, such as loss of moisture and hydration, loss of elasticity, signs of aging, pigmentation, hyperpigmentation, dullness, etc.


AM Skincare Regime focuses on protecting skin from damage while providing your skin with long-lasting hydration, deep moisturisation, and glow.

PM Skincare Regime – Night Regime focuses on reversing day’s damage along with working on your pigmentation, hyperpigmentation, signs of aging, dullness, etc. giving you an even toned skin.

Let’s start with AM Skincare Regime- Day Regime

Step 1: AGE Skin Love Rose and Almond Face Wash

Specially curated for people with dry skin, AGE Skin Love Rose and Almond Facewash is a rich, creamy yet lightweight formula that gently and deeply cleanses your face removing all the dirt, pollutants, and build-up. Formulated after years of extensive R&D, Skin Love Rose and Almond Face Wash comes packed with powerful ingredients like Rose, Almond, etc.

This mild face wash keeps your skin soft, supple, and glowing after wash. When it comes to AGE Skin Love Rose and Almond Face Wash, a little goes a long way. Gentle on your skin, this facewash has no mineral oil, artificial fragrance, or artificial color.

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How to use?

Take 25 paisa coin size amount of AGE Skin Love Rose and Almond Facewash and wash your face. Then pat dry.

Step 2: AGE Rose and Rice Face Toner

AGE Rose and Rice Face Toner helps to remove dead skin cells and make your skin look brighter and fresh. It has many ingredients like Rose, Rice, Niacinamide, etc. Where Rose in AGE Rose and Rice Face Toner helps to calm down inflammation in the skin, heal and soothe sunburns; hydrate and maintain oil balance, resulting in youthful, glowing, and hydrated skin; Rice can help boost collagen and Niacinamide helps to strengthen the Skin’s Protective Barrier and works on Pigmentation and Dark Spots.

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How to use?

Spray two pumps of AGE Rose and Rice Face Toner. Gently tap to evenly spread toner all over your face and neck.

Step 3: AGE Skin Love Sheer Skin Oil

AGE Skin Love Sheer Skin Oil is not only lightweight and non-greasy formula, but also provides instant and long-lasting moisturisation along with a healthy glow. And this is what your Dry Skin is craving for. 

But, there’s more, AGE Skin Love Sheer Skin Oil also creates a protective barrier on the top layer of the skin, locking in all the moisture without leaving any sticky residue. AGE Skin Love Sheer Skin Oil can even be used with foundation that will help you achieve a glowy-dewy finish all day long.

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How to use?

Take 1-2 drops of AGE Skin Love Sheer Skin Oil. Apply on your face and neck area after toner and massage gently in circular motions till all the product has been absorbed and protect it with sunscreen.

Step 4: AGE Sunscreen

AGE Sunscreen is a physical sunscreen that sits on the top layer of the skin, creating a protective barrier. It prevents sun rays from damaging your skin, which can cause hyperpigmentation, uneven skin tone, appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, and more. The lightweight and non-greasy formula soothes skin and keeps it feeling fresh. Best of all, it doesn’t leave any white cast after application.

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How to use?

Take 50 paisa size amount of AGE Sunscreen and apply it all over your face and neck. Gently massage.

Now, you know what you need for your skin, to keep it glowing and protected through the day.


Let’s move to PM Skincare Routine – Night Skincare Regime

At night, before going to bed, you will follow the Night Skincare Regime that starts with Cleansing and Toning, the same as the Day Regime.

Then, you will apply AGE Night Serum (Normal) instead of AGE Skin Love Sheer Skin Oil. If your skin still feels dry, apply 1-2 drops of AGE Skin Love Sheer Skin Oil after the Night Serum.

Why AGE Night Serum?

night serum

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We all have heard about the goodness of Turmeric and its many skin-enhancing properties. Now, it’s time to add Turmeric to your Night Regime. AGE Night Serum is packed with powerful anti-aging properties can help brighten skin tone, reduce blemishes, bring out the glow, moisturise skin, even out skin tone, and reduce hyper-pigmentation and pigmentation. When you will use the product regularly, in a few weeks you will start seeing visible changes in your skin, just like our many happy clients.

Once you start incorporating AM-PM Skincare Regime for Mature Skin, only in few weeks, you can see visible changes in your skin. When religiously followed, it can help you maintain the overall health of your skin, while targeting skin concerns, such as dullness, signs of aging, loss of moisture and hydration, pigmentation, hyperpigmentation, uneven skin tone, etc.

Click HERE for Advanced AM-PM Regime for Mature Skin or simply talk to AGE Experts and get detailed consultation so that you know which AGE Products will go into your Advanced Skincare Regime and why.

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