How to Get Rid of Under-Eyes Dark Circles and Puffiness?

Before introducing you to the solution, let’s first understand what leads to dark circles and puffy eyes.

Dark circles and puffiness can be caused due to stress, irregular sleep timing, increased screen timing, etc. One of the common reasons for dark circles and puffy eyes is ageing. It causes the skin under the eyes to get thin and loose, causing the blood vessels to become more visible giving the appearance of darkened under-eyes. Ageing also causes the weakening of muscles and tissues that support eyelids. As the skin starts to sag, the fat around the eyes can move to the lower area of the eyes, making them look swollen or puffy. However, what many of you don’t know is that dehydrated skin or lack of moisturisation can also lead to dark circles and puffy eyes.

Did you know, that under-eye skin lacks pores? Also, under-eye skin is one of the thinnest areas of our body. So, no pores mean no sebum, and no sebum means no moisturization.

This means that most of the time, your under-eyes area remains dry. While exposure to sunlight continues damaging your skin, the lack of moisturisation causes your under-eye skin to age faster in comparison to the other areas of your face/skin. This is why you must have noticed that the signs of ageing start getting visible around the eye areas first, making your eyes appear dull and tired.

Now you know the reasons, behind dark circles and puffy under eyes. Let’s get into fixing them.

Do you know what your under-eye skin needs?

Your under-eye skin needs intense moisturisation, and repair. Why moisturisation? So that your under-eye skin is able to retain moisture for a long time and does not dry out. Why repairing? Because, under-eye skin due to being thinner and lacking sebum, tends to age faster than the rest of your face. So, how will you moisturise and repair the under-eye skin? Don’t worry! AGE Under-Eye Day Cream and Under Eye Gel can help you maintain the youthfulness of your under-eye area.

Here you might wonder, won’t a regular moisturiser do the job? What’s the need for AGE Under-Eye Day Cream and AGE Under-Eye Gel?

Believe me, when I say, you need BOTH of them. Why? Because your moisturizer has been formulated to moisturise your skin that already produces sweat and sebum on a daily basis to keep your skin from drying out. So, your moisturiser may not provide sufficient moisturisation to your under-eye area. Secondly, your moisturiser may not include the right ingredients to help repair under under-eye area, so it may be ideal for your face, but not under the under-eye skin.

Now what do AGE Under-Eye Day Cream and AGE Under-Eye Gel do?

AGE Under-Eye Day Cream is made of skin-nourishing ingredients that can help to keep skin moisturised, and protect under-eye skin from damage during the day. AGE Under-Eye Gel is to be applied at night as it can help to repair under-eye skin, reduce fine-lines along with providing instant and intense moisturisation.


How will you use AGE Under-Eye Day Cream and AGE Under-Eye Gel?

The right way to use AGE Under-Eye Day Cream is to apply it at the end of your Day Skincare Regime, before sunscreen. AGE Under-Eye Gel should be applied at night at the end of the Night Skincare Regime. You will take a pea-sized amount of the product and apply it in the under-eye area with gentle tapping motions till absorbed.

Along with this, make sure to take proper rest at night and limit your screen time, as it may cause strain to your eyes, leading to dark circles and puffiness.

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