How Can You Replenish Moisture or Protein both at Home

How can You replenish Moisture or Protein both at Home?

Why Moisture and Protein are Important to Maintain Healthy Hair?

Our Hair is made out of a Protein called Keratin, this Protein provides structure to our hair, gives it Shape and Strength and Makes it Stronger.

It’s not as easy as we think because:

If we have enough Protein but not enough Moisture, our hair will be Dry, Brittle, & Stiff (will look like burnt hair)

Too much Moisture, and not enough Protein can leave our Hair Limp, Lifeless & Weak.

Ha Ha Ha… Don’t be confused. The Key is that we need both Moisture & Protein to maintain Healthy Hair.

This is where AGE Herbal Hair Oil, AGE Hair Spa for Dry & Damaged Hair, AGE Hair Conditioner & AGE Lemon & Jojoba Shampoo comes to your rescue because it is like a Balance Diet for the Hair, crafted with the right measure of ingredients to keep the balance of Protein & Moisturisation.

Step 1: Herbal Hair Oil

AGE's Herbal Hair Oil is one of the most Time-Tested Steps in Hair Care and something that should never go out of Fashion because the selected Herbs & Oils are a must in your Hair Care Routine. It Hydrates & Nourishes our Hair & Scalp because of the Selection of Ingredients like Amla, Bhringraj, Methi, Curry Leaves, Cow Milk, Coconut Milk, and more in AGE’s Herbal Hair Oil.

It helps to reduce Hair Fall, helps in the Regrowth of hair, and Speeds Up the Process of New Hair Growth.

Oiling Your Hair is Super Beneficial in long run and will never go out of Fashion, and AGE's Herbal Hair Oil can be used on Coloured and Treated Hair.

How often should I use the Hair Oil?

Two Times a week then AGE's Lemon & Jojoba Shampoo and AGE's Hair Conditioner.

Hair Spa for Dry and Damaged

Hair Spa for Dry and Damaged Hair is meant to add Hydration and Protein to Your Dry/Rough and Coloured Hair so that it becomes Smooth and Shiny.

If You find Spa Treatments at Salon Expensive, then all You Need is AGE's Hair Spa for Dry and Damage Hair and AGE's Hair Conditioner to Reverse Your Dry/Rough Hair Problems.

Directions for use:
Every good regime beings with a wash day

Step 1: AGE's Lemon & Jojoba Shampoo – It will remove the old dirt & product build up which is preventing your strands from achieving and retaining moisture.

Step 2: Spread the Hair Spa for Dry & Damaged Hair to the Scalp to Length of your hair, making sure that you cover each and every strand with Hair Spa. Now Massage it for 7 - 10 minutes. If you have extra time then add steam/ hot towel to help the ingredients penetrate further in your strands.

Step 3: Now rinse your hair with water (remember no shampoo is needed). You will feel soft and hydrated at this point.

Step 4: Apply AGE’s Hair Conditioner and gently massage it for 2 minutes and rinse it with normal water.

You will start repairing your damaged, frizzy, coloured hair from the first wash onwards.

If you want a salon-like finish then; blow dry your hair and you will notice every strand has come back to life.

Now that You know the Answers to the Question, What does Protein & Keratin does to Your Hair? Now You can easily make AGE's Herbal Hair Oil, AGE's Hair Spa for Dry & Damaged Hair, AGE's Lemon & Jojoba Shampoo & AGE's Hair Conditioner a part of Your Daily Hair Care Routine.

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    Amazing all hair products I just love that mere hairs itne soft ho gye hai herbal oil shampoo conditioner spa sab ne itna kamaal dikhaya mere hairs pe jo mere hairs rough dry ho gye the ab mujhe apne hairs se phir se pyar ho gya hai thanks Payal for introducing me with this amazing Lovely products

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