Generally, people who are 40 or above are considered to have mature skin. Pigmentation, hyperpigmentation, dullness, dryness, uneven skin tone, dark spots, wrinkles, fine lines, etc. are the signs of mature skin. But the fact is, people who take care of themselves age differently, and their biological age and skin age does not match. And, if you have not taken care of your skin, your skin can also age before age.

Here you will understand, what happens as skin ages, what causes premature ageing, the difference between dry skin and mature skin, and which products your skin will need. Once you understand, you can build a doable skincare regime at home as per your skin demand and enjoy the journey of taking care of yourself.

Do you have Mature Skin? 
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Do You Have Mature Skin?

Let's talk about Mature Skin or a Skincare Regime for 40 plus.

How many skincare products do you really need?

In what order should you be applying the products?

And what do the products even do to your skin?

And most importantly, how to build a perfect at-home and doable skincare regime for your age and skin type with a clear knowledge of your skin’s requirements.

Let’s start with, What is Mature Skin?

Who should be considered to be having mature skin?

From what age do you see that your skin is ageing?

And how would you know if you have mature skin?

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The science of skincare and hair care has come a long way, but there is still no such thing as an instant fix. But over-hyped marketing makes it look like you will get results overnight. Also, starting and sticking to a skincare/hair care regime can be one of the most difficult tasks, and you would agree that most of the time you forget to apply the skincare products.

AGE’s goal is to cut through the noise and provide you with solution-oriented products without any over-hyped marketing.

AGE focuses on helping clients slowly build a habit of taking care of themselves through After Sales Reminder, which clients receive when they buy a regime from AGE. Marketers’ job ends when the sale is done, AGE’s actual work starts when you have bought the product. 

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Questions People Ask

What is Mature Skin?
Generally, people who are 40+ are considered to have Mature Skin. Pigmentation, Hyperpigmentation, Dullness, Dryness, Uneven Skin Tone, Dark Spots, Wrinkles, Fine Lines, etc. are the signs of Mature Skin. If not taken care of, your skin can also age prematurely, which means your skin can age before age, showing signs similar to that of Mature Skin. 
What are the signs of Mature Skin?
Pigmentation, Hyperpigmentation, Dullness, Dryness, Uneven Skin Tone, Dark Spots, Wrinkles, Fine Lines, etc. are the signs of Mature Skin.
Is there a cream for Mature Skin?
AGE never over-promises or does over-hyped marketing. Remember! No one product can solve all your skin concerns. So, don’t fall for over-hyped marketing. You need a holistic, and doable skincare regime as per your skin condition and demand. To know how to build a doable skincare regime for Mature Skin, read the above blog, or talk to AGE Experts at +91 83750 08375.

The transparency of AGE has made 3 Lakh 40 Thousand Happy Clients all across India and Abroad. 
Are AGE products made of natural ingredients?
Yes! All AGE products are made of high-quality natural ingredients that have been sourced from different parts of India and carefully selected after years of research and trials.
Are AGE products free of Artificial Colour, Artificial Fragrance, Silicon, Alcohol, and Palm Oil?
Yes! You would be happy to know that AGE does not add Artificial Colour, Artificial Fragrance, Silicon, Alcohol, or Palm Oil in any of its products. 
Why should I buy from AGE?
With every AGE product, quality is given. AGE focuses on providing experience through its Solution-Oriented Products, Service, After Sales Reminders and Timely Delivery. AGE wanted to break the myth in people’s minds that one product can solve all their skin, hair and body concerns. This is why AGE became the first brand to introduce and offer holistic skincare, hair care and body care regimes, along with After Sales Reminders. So that, clients can get the products and also build a habit of taking care of themselves through daily guidance from AGE Experts. 
Can both men and women use AGE skincare products for Mature Skin?
Yes! Both men and women can use AGE skincare products for Mature Skin
Can I give products that I am using to someone who has Mature Skin?
Always remember! No two people will have the same skin goal or lifestyle, even if they have the same skin type. Which products will go into your skin and how many products will be needed, you won’t decide, your skin will decide that. AGE provides personalized skincare regime to each and every client, and what suits your skin, may not work for other people, even if you have the same skin type. That is why, AGE takes factors such as concerns, condition of the skin, how much time he/she want to give to skincare, lifestyle, money he/she wants to invest, etc. into consideration when customizing a skincare regime for their client.
If you want a personalized skincare regime as per your skin goals and demand, talk to AGE Experts at +91 83750 08375.
How soon will I start seeing results after following the skincare regime?
Your skin takes time to repair and reverse the damage that has been caused over the years. The damage was not done overnight, so don’t expect the results to show overnight. It may take a few weeks to a few months to show results, depending on the condition of your skin. Only with consistency, you would be able to reap the benefits, and get the desired results. 
Can I use the day skincare regime at night?
Cleansing, toning, moisturising products can be used both, in day and night skincare regimes. However, they may not help repair skin damage or boost skin’s repair process to the extent that’s needed, because our skin goes into repair mode at night and unfortunately as we age skin's renewal process starts to slow down year by year.  That is why for night, you need to have a proper night skincare regime that includes treating products, such as AGE Turmeric Night Serum, AGE Skin Love Serum, and/or AGE Skin Love Retinol Serum to do the job of repairing your skin and boosting cell renewal process.
Should I start doing skincare regime only when my skin starts to show the signs of ageing?
No! In fact, starting a skincare regime earlier in life can help maintain the health and appearance of your skin over time. A good skincare routine can help prevent premature ageing, maintain skin hydration, protect it against environmental and day damage, and address specific concerns like Acne, Dark Spots, Dryness, Pigmentation, Hyperpigmentation, Uneven Skin Tone, etc. It will also help boost collagen, elastin, and hyaluronic in your skin which are responsible for keeping your skin plump and youthful. As you get older, you may shift to a skincare regime that focuses on repairing, boosting cell renewal with anti-ageing effect. 
How to know if AGE skincare products suit my skin or not?
Don’t buy the product blindly looking at over-hyped marketing. It is very important to know your skin condition and requirements before building a skincare regime. When you know what your skin needs, half of the battle is already won. Now all you have to do is build a doable skincare regime as per your skin demand. 

If you need help, you can always consult with AGE expert at +91 83750 08375. We also recommend all our clients to do a patch test before using the product. Directions are available at the back of the pack.
Introducing our curated range designed to address the unique needs of mature skin, ensuring a soothing and revitalizing experience. Enriched with a blend of meticulously selected essential oils, our products work synergistically to rebalance and soothe the skin while tightening pores, deeply cleansing, and delivering intense hydration. With each application, your skin is refreshed, moisturized, and invigorated, revealing a radiant and youthful glow.

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