Why Do You Need Night Skin Care Routine? Aromatic Garden Essence

If You Do Not Use the Night Regime before going to bed, you probably do not know the Wonders/Benefits of the Night Regime. 

A Well-Crafted Night Regime according to Your Age & Skin Type, helps in Soothing, Repairing, Restoring, & Rejuvenating Your Skin.

1. Why do You need Night Skincare Routine?
2. Does the Night Skincare Routine Matter?
3. How to build the Perfect At-Home Skincare Regime for Your Skin Type?
4. How Many Skincare Products Do You Have to Use?
5. Which Ones are the Right for Your Skin?

    Let’s Start With:

    Question. Why Do You Need Night Skin Care Routine?
    When You go to bed at Night, Your Pores are Clogged because You have not Cleansed Your Face. This is when AGE’s Green Tea & Honey Face Wash comes to Your Rescue and Your Skin gets a Chance to Breathe and Start the Overnight Repair Process, but the Bad News is the Overnight Repair Process becomes slower as we Age, as Collagen and Elastin starts to decrease. That’s where AGE’s Skin Love Serum and AGE’s Turmeric Night Serum helps to Repair Your Day Damage first.

    Question. Does the Night Skincare Routine Matter?
    Yes, Night Skin Care Routine not only matters but it's an investment in the longer run.
    Now We Know that the Night Skincare Routine Matters. Time to build the Perfect At-Home Skincare Regime for Your Skin Type.

    Question. How Many Skincare Products Do You Need to Start Your Night Regime?
    Answer. To Build the Perfect At-Home Skincare Regime for Your Skin type there are 4 Simple Steps

    STEP 1:  Cleanser - Green Tea & Honey Face Wash
    STEP 2: Toner - Cucumber & Papaya Face Toner / Rose & Rice Face Toner
    STEP 3: Treat - Skin Love Serum, Turmeric Night Serum
    STEP 4: Moisturise - Face Body Butter
    (only to be added at Night in the Winter or if you have Extremely Dry Skin in summers) 

    As You probably know Cleansing means Washing Your Face so Your Skin is Clear like a Canvas for Skincare Products and Makeup, and Moisturising means Hydrating Your Skin

    Let's talk about; What does Treating Involves:

    The Goal of any Good Skincare Regime is to Target the Problem Areas like Pigmentation, Hyperpigmentation, Wrinkles, Dryness, Uneven Skin Tone, Glow, and Freshness. So, incorporating Serums like AGE’s Skin Love Serum, AGE’s Turmeric Night Serum: Can Reverse a Lot of Skin Damage that happens due to Pollution, Stress, UVA Rays, Ageing, and help to Even Out Your Skin Tone 

    AGE’s Skin Love Serum: It has Anti-Ageing Effect because it Plumps the Skin, Ability to Lock Moisture, Re-build Healthy Skin Cells, Minimise Enlarged Pores, can Reduce Inflammation and Hyperpigmentation, and can also Soften Fine Lines and Wrinkles.

    AGE’s Turmeric Night Serum: We have all heard about Skin Enhancing Properties of Turmeric from our Grandmother, now it is Time to Incorporate it into Skincare Night Care Routine. It has Antioxidants so it is Anti-Ageing. AGE’s Turmeric Night Serum is focused on Moisturising, Recovering, and Rebuilding Healthy Skin Cells and Helping to Even Out Skin Tone.

    AGE’s Turmeric Night Serum All Skin Type: For Oily and Acne Prone Skin.  

    AGE’s Turmeric Night Serum for Sensitive Skin: People who are Sensitive to any kind of Products and face Redness and Irritation Easily.

    AGE’s Turmeric Night Serum for Normal Skin: It is for Dry Skin, Mature Skin, and Normal Skin.    

    The Science behind Skincare Products has come a long way but there are still no such thing as an Instant Fix. You need to give 5 minutes of Your Time to Build Your Night Skincare Regime and Stay Consistent, You can likely expect to see benefits within 6 to 12 weeks.

    The Transparency of AGE has made 2 Lakhs 40 Thousand Plus Happy Customers All Across India.

    With these Samples, You Can Start Building Your Night Skin Care Regime!

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