How To Lighten up Your Dark Underarms<br>Aromatic Garden Essence

If You’re Concerned about the Skin on Your Underarms being Darker and You Shy Away from Dressing in Sleeveless Shirts/Dresses/Blouses, Wearing Bath Suits in Public, Or Wearing Sleeveless GYM Clothes. Then Keep Reading.

There are Many Reasons Why Your Underarms are Darker. Few Including:

- Chemical Irritants in Deodorants
- Friction Caused by Tight Clothes.
- Hyperpigmentation, Such as an Increase in Melanin.
- The Accumulation of Dead Skin Cells Due to Infrequent Exfoliation.

Your First 4 Steps to Lighter Underarms:

Step 1: Adopt to AGE Natural Products Like  Dry Fruit Body Ubtan, Body Spa At Home, and Turmeric Body Wash.

age-dry-fruit-uptan  age-body-spa-at-home

Step 2: Mix Half Dry Fruit Body Ubtan and Body Spa At Home.

Step 3: Clean Underarms with Turmeric Body Wash and now Scrub it with the Mixture You have made. Do it Every Day for the next 1 month You will Start Seeing some Visible Changes.

Step 4: Moisturise it with Mint Body Lotion.
age-turmeric-cinnamon-body-wash  age-mint-aloe-vera-body-lotion

Step 5: Stay Consistent.

Bonus Tip: You Can Use This Scrub on the Back Of The Neck, Dark Elbows, Knees, And On Your Body.


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