How To Repair Dry & Damaged Hair <br>Fast? Aromatic Garden Essence

How To Repair Dry & Damaged Hair Fast ?

Let's First Discuss the Causes of Damage Hair.

Hair Damage can happen due to Multiple Reasons, Internal and External.

Let's look into External Reasons:

 - Chemical Treatments
 - Frequent Heat Styling Tools
 - Pollution
 - Stress / Diet
 - Dry Weather
 - UV Rays etc.

Now, we know the reason for Some Causes of Damaged Hair. Let's discuss signs of Hair Damage.

Dry, Coloured Hair, Frizzy Hair, and Lifeless Hair are common problems but very few know it's a sign of Low Porosity.

Signs of Low Porosity Hair are:

Despite Applying Products Frequently, Your Hair Remains Dry, Stiff, and Brittle.

Hair Products Tend to Sit on the Top of Your Hair instead of Penetrating in and Moisturizing.

Let's Discuss How To Repair Damaged Hair Fast And How To Prevent Hair Damage.

All right, Now Let’s Focus on How to Get Hydration into Hairs Strands and can retain Moisture.

As Always, Every Good Regime Begins with Wash Day.


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The First Step is an AGE Lemon & Jojoba Shampoo: Shampoo will Remove Old Dirt and Product Build-Up that is Preventing Your Strand from Achieving and Retaining Moisture.

The Use of Lukewarm Water (Heat) While Shampooing helps to Rinse the Cuticle as Well as allow Water and Shampoo to Move Freely.

The Next Step is the AGE Hair Spa for Dry And Damaged Hair AGE Hair Spa For Dry and Damaged Hair is Going to Focus on Deep Conditioning since there is where You will tend to find a more Penetrating Formula that Absorbs into Hair Strands instead of Coating.

Remember to stay away from Mineral Oil, Petroleum, and Silicones.  

AGE Hair Spa For Dry & Damaged Hair is Formulated in a Way that Doesn’t Contain any of the above and still Does its Work.

Once You have Applied the Hair Spa now Let's Start the Deep Conditioning method. Massage it for 7 to 10 Minutes. If you have time add heat (Steam, Towel To Steam), to help those ingredients to Penetrate further into Your Strands.

Now Rinse Your Hair Spa with Water (Remember No Shampoo is Needed). You will Feel Soft and Hydrated at this Point.

Note: You should use Normal Water or Lukewarm Water to Rinse the Hair Spa.

The Last Step is AGE Hair Conditioner: Apply Conditioner and Gently Massage for 1 to 3 Minutes and then Rinse with Plain Water.

You Will Start repairing Your Damage Hair from First Wash Onwards.

If You Want Salon Like Finish then Blow Dry Your Hair and You will notice Every Strand has Come to Life.

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