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AGE was Founded by Mrs. Neha Periwal & Co-founded by Mr. Bhupesh Periwal.


Mrs. Neha Periwal had a Dream to Provide Luxurious Products at a Pocket-Friendly Price. So, People can use the Products like Luxury every day. Do not just buy it once, for Luxury.

The Second Mission was to Provide an After-Sale Support which was missing in the Industry of Skin and Hair Care. Clients buy products and forget many a time to use the products or get lazy there’s where AGE’s After-Sale Support Team comes to the Client’s Rescue. They send Reminders every day for the First Few Days and then on Weekly basis, so the Clients don't miss using the Products.

Her Third Mission was: Introduce the Skin and Hair Care Regime. She knew, that in order to get Good Skin People will have to Establish a Proper Functional, Easy Skin Care and Hair Care Regime. So, the clients get good results that they Desire in the Cost Effective Manner.

Her Dream Came to Reality and was Loved by the Clients because the Products were Natural and with Complementary After-Sales Support that comes with the Regime, which is what made the Client Fall in Love with AGE.

That’s where the Fourth Mission of the AGE Community was Founded where You become a Part of the AGE’s Broadcast Group. Twice in a year the Founder herself comes up with 30 days Skin Care and Hair Care Challenges, where She Guides AGE community with Step by Step process on How to Use the Products through Voice Messages and Videos. Our Client look forward to and wait for it. She shares lots of her Food Recipes and Tips on How She Manages Work and Home, as well.

When You Buy AGE Products You Become a part of the AGE Community.

AGE is and has been Growing Organically without Investors, Loans, and Over-Hyped Marketing.

Both, the Founder & the Co-Founder Believe that Quality is the Best Business Plan!!!

If You are really looking for Genuine Products to Establish Your Night Regime, or Day Regime, or Hair Regime, or if You Want to Regrow Your Hair, then Give It a Try and We Hope You Become One of Our Happy Clients like Our 2,30,000 Clients are.


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  • Pampa Dam On

    I got day, night and Alo gel from AGE by one of my friend . Now I want to continue this products further. But I m based in Dubai. How can I get products. And what’s are the general process of becoming the part of this brand/ family. Thank you . Have a nice day

  • Priya Jain On

    Nyc products

  • Suchita agarwal On

    I want product

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